7 out of 10 Czechs could live without cash

Maybe now, but who among us would have thought of having internet, a powerful camera and an MP3 player on our mobile 15 years ago? Although the Czechs are relatively conservative, 69% imagine that all payments would be made without cash .

How much do you have in your wallet?

How much do you have in your wallet?


Although Czechs make extensive use of electronic and contactless payments in particular, they still have a very rooted idea that they must always have cash with them. However, this is understandable because, for example, it is still not possible to pay by card in shops at the corner or in the post office.

Therefore, one third of respondents always have CZK 200 to 500 in their wallet and 16% carry more than CZK 1,000. But a quarter admitted that we would find a maximum of two hundred.

However, if it could be paid by wire transfer everywhere, 47% of all respondents stated that they would not have a problem with this and 22% would get used to minor problems. Yet six out of ten people said they would be bothered by their lives without cash . The custom is simply an iron shirt.

We may not need cards in the future

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Replacing cash with credit cards would be a logical development. Our ancestors paid coins, but they were heavy and easy to steal. Therefore, the first depositories of money (the predecessor of today’s banks) were created, where people deposited coins for a fee and received confirmation.

For simplicity, however, only these receipts were traded over time – nobody needed to go to the coin storage and everything was faster. The original receipts thus became banknotes . Although they facilitated transactions, they are also not perfect .

Credit and debit cards

Credit and debit cards

Thanks to credit and debit cards, for example, retailers today do not have to deal with small and customers changing large banknotes. However, the cards have not yet completely displaced cash and new ways of payment are being considered.

In the future, we may not have to carry any wallet at all, because our own hand will suffice to pay. In a shop, you simply print your thumb or palm on a special terminal and it will be paid.

Do you give your thumb a thumbs up, or can’t you imagine? We’ll see in the next ten years.

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